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Don’t Buy Convertri Until Reading This Review

Convertri Review: What is Convertri?

Hi everyone, for a month I didn’t publish any post. That’s because I have been busy researching some new tools that might be helpful for you, all of my readers. And I found Convertri last week.

We together have a look back at 2013 when LeadPages was launched. It was revolutionary. An amazing software with a brilliant idea. And can you believe that they have raised $38M in VC. After that, there was Click Funnels. Bring the concept of LeadPages even further, not just basic page editor. It helped you create whole funnels. And now, have you heard about a new name in this field, Convertri? Let’s find out what it is in my review.
LeadPages And Click Funnels Are Pretty Big Names. What Makes Convertri So Special?

Convertri Review: The main features?

If you have heard about LeadPages or Click Funnels you if you used one of them. You can’t miss this Convertri. It is much more than that. Let’s find out what make Convertri different.

Convertri is fully flexible page builder

Currently, people have used to drag and drop page builder, because of its simplicity and efficiency. And they are okay, as far as they go. But Convertri goes further.

Now you will get a custom-coded completely free-form editor. No rows, no sections, no columns. Put anything you want, anywhere you like, giving you complete freedom of design.

Not only that, it’s been tested to destruction on every major browser to make sure your pages look identical, whatever your visitors use.

It’s more stability than S3

This Convertri is not built on some $2 CDN.convertri review | convertri bonus | convertri discount | funnels builder tool

It uses Fastly, and this is the most advanced Content Delivery Network on the planet. They cope with 2.5 million page loads every SECOND, so your launch won’t even tip the radar.

They power Twitter. They power Shopify. And we pay $1500 a month so they’ll power your landing page.

This isn’t a light integration. Every user of Convertri gets Fastly as part of their account. Your page will never be coming down.

The fastest pages on the Web.

If you have some experience on the Internet. You know that slow sales pages can kill your conversions. So Convertri is built from the ground up to optimize for speed. Fastly’s edge-based delivery means your page will be automatically served from whichever of their 400+ servers is closest to your visitor. Convertri uses intelligent caching, so heavy items only need to be downloaded once, while the things you want to change (like the HTML) are kept dynamic. All your images are automatically optimized. This one here?

convertri review | convertri bonus | convertri discount | funnels builder tool

That’s a straight upload from a phone camera. It’s a 6.2Mb file. Its weight on the page is 38.1kb, and it still looks fantastic. No Photoshop. No design trickery. Convertri does it automatically when you upload the page. All this means your pages are GUARANTEED to score 95+ on PageInsights, with no effort from you, and almost any page you build will load in 3 seconds or less. Continue with my Convertri review, let’s see some benefits you will get when using this tool.


The Benefits when using Convertri?

  • Easy to use with drag and drop mode without coding.
  • You can easily pick the function that you want to use by its icon.
  • Page loading time is super fast based on Fastly CDN ($1500/month that’s paid for you).
  • A lot of beautiful templates to choose like Optin pages, sales pages, checkout pages, thank you pages, etc… tailored for several niches and created by professional designers.
  • Mobile-responsive pages that actually work: Half the web’s traffic is on mobile. With Convertri, you’ll know your pages will always look good on any device. Try it with this one.
  • Built-in countdown timers: Multiple skins and options for expiry mean your subscribers won’t need extra plugins or services – it’s all under the hood.
  • Just 2-step for opt-in: Build micro-commitments to increase your conversion rate even further.
  • Separated Publishing: Your published pages are separated from the main Convertri system.  Whatever happens to the editor, your pages stay the same until you hit ‘publish’ again.
  • Detailed analytics and split-testing: See at a glance where people are falling out of your funnel, so you know which holes need plugging before you can scale.
  • Multiple Integrations: SendLane, Aweber, GetResponse, GoToWebinar, Stripe and more – if you want a service, it’s here.
  • And much more…

Does it really work?

Let’s see the quick demo video below:

Who should use Convertri?

In my experience, everyone who is running a business on the Internet should get this tool. Because of its convenience, you can’t save a lot of time for building the pages that you want. You can save a lot of money for hiring if you don’t know anything about coding, about designing.

So everyone who is Affiliate, who is Internet Marketer, Online Businessman,…, etc can use this tool to boost your business. The time you saved you can use to optimize other phases of your work or even just spending the time for your family.

Convertri Review: Pros and Cons.


  • Fully Supporting 24/7
  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • A lot of cool features (check above please)
  • Much better than the big Names before like LeadPages and Click Funnels.
  • Have series of video for training to use this tool effectively.
  • Use Fastly as CDN to boost the speed.
  • Still Updating.
  • One Time Fee in the launch time, Support Lifetime.
  • 30 Day Money Guarantee


It’s hard to find the cons of this amazing tool. But I just want to be honest with my readers. I saw some cons here, and I hope we can discuss by commenting below about pros and cons of Convertri. I really love this Funnel Builder tool and actually I’ve been looking for a tool like this for a long time. I found the cost is not really cheap for starters. It costs $47 a month, $197 a year. And they have one-time fee package.

Who’s behind the Convertri?

These are three guys that are behind the Convertri.
Andy Fletcher

Andy’s been developing businesses for a decade, pulling in $millions of revenue. Of all of them, Convertri’s the one he’s most proud of.
Neil Murton

Neil’s copy has sold eight figures’ worth of product. When you’re selling mid-ticket you want a writer who knows what he’s doing – and with Neil on board, you’re in very safe hands.
Simon Warner

Simon’s managed some of the biggest launches in the industry. If there’s anything you need to make Convertri your best promo of the year, he’ll make it happen.


Time For Your Turn

This time is your opportunity to bring your business into a new level. With a faster funnel, your conversions will rise like crazy. In just 7 days, you can get Convertri with one time fee $297 (just $100 higher than 1 year fee, this is kind of a discount) but after that time, it will rise to $397 and then is $497. So don’t miss your chance to get this amazing tool with the smallest price. Furthermore, If you are one of the first 10 people who get Convertri through my review from … to … You will get all the bonus below.

Click here to see the bonus package!!!


I don’t know when an investment like this will happen again. It’s so awesome, It got value and I believe the fee is worth. With your business, it’s just a small and right investment. So what are you waiting for?

get convertri


Thank you for visiting my Convertri Review

List Building Strategies 101 : Which Email Service?

email marketing tips

Hello, everyone. This is the first post about sharing tips that I’ve ever created. I’m really excited about this. The first time I planned to create this blog I intended to share only about list building strategies even though now you can see I made some more topics like SEO, Video Marketing or Social Media Marketing. I’m just a newbie; I’m learning everyday to collect knowledge, and then I share them with everyone who wants to learn about this. Just giving the value and also I will learn deeper. This series I just figured out what to name it, and I decided that will be

List Building Strategies 101: Get Started with MailerLite

list building strategiesSome of you might already know about some email marketing services like MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, etc. Aweber and GetResponse cost about $15-$20 per month; it might be hard for a newbie to get started with list building. Even you are an Internet Marketer, Affiliate Marketer or a businessman. You need a list of potential customers. And how do you get those customers?

Well, list building is your answer. Basically, list building is the action that you collect customer’s email by providing some valuable stuff through the opt-in form. And opt-in form you will get when you register an email marketing service like above. But about that problem, I will talk more in the later posts.

So, you are a beginner. Let’s say that you are an affiliate marketer. You just jump into this field, and you don’t have much money. How do you afford to get an email service about $15-$20 per month? When you don’t have the revolving fund. Then you will be exhausted, and you will quit?

List Building Strategies: The solution for low budget

Well, for some people like me. You don’t afford to get those premium services. I suggest MailChimp and MailerLite.

Both of them are good. If you just start to build your first list. You should choose MailerLite or Mailchimp to save your budget. Both MailerLite and MailChimp have the free account option, no expiring trial, contract, or credit card required . The only key differences are with the number of subscribers and emails sent per month. And each one has its own potential and advantages that I will compare them here, and you can make your decision.

list building strategies : which email service to choose?

As you can see, MailerLite is better about the pricing. Also, they allow you to use auto-responders even just in the free plan which MailChimp doesn’t. Furthermore, MailerLite doesn’t allow you to put any affiliate link inside email so you can’t “directly” promote your products but MailChimp they do allow you to do that.

Click here to register a free MailerLite’s account

So it depends on your plan if you want to build a good relationship with your customers first. Then I recommend you to use MailerLite because you can use autoresponders here. Otherwise, it’s not bad to use MailChimp to build your list. After you got a list of potential customers, you can move on to other email services like GetResponse or Aweber that I will introduce in the next part of this series Which Email Services?

Get a MailChimp account

I hope you will find this post useful. Update my site frequently to receive helpful tips about list building. Sometimes I will share some giveaways that you might pay attention.

Thank you for reading my list building strategies post.

Please check out my Quiz Funnels Review post – Have you ever imagined about building lists with quizzes?

Quiz Funnels Review : Boost your business like crazy

Hello everyone, I just created my blog, and I want to share helpful information right away. I planned to use my blog to share about list building which is what I love. Yesterday, when I walked around on the Internet, I found this one extremely potential to develop businesses by creating your list through Facebook, The Web or even Mobile. Let’s see my Quiz Funnels Review to see what it can do.

Quiz Funnels Review : Is It Worth The Money?

The definition: Quiz Funnels is a next-generation quiz app that assists in segmentation. Quizzes can be run on Facebook, The Web, and mobile from the link using QuizFunnels’s smart URL technology.

What are the features of Quiz Funnels?

quiz funnels review

There are four major features:

  • Capture leads through web form or their Facebook Login
  • Integration and embedded everywhere
  • Segmentation
  • Multiple Offers

And more features

  • Product promotion
  • Viral Share
  • Statistics and Meaningful Analytics

Who should use Quiz Funnels?

  • Internet Marketers who want to start building a list or expanding their list
  • People who want to start their business on social networks by a new way by quizzing. I’m sure this way is new.
  • Businessmen

Quiz Funnels Review: The main benefits

From those features, let’s imagine what benefits you can get.

  • Lead Capture: Easily capture leads at the beginning or end of your quizzes or assessments using acapture leadscustomizable lead capture form that is developed by Oliver Goodwin. Most businesses struggle to generate high-quality leads, but QuizFunnels has set out to change this. With QuizFunnels, you can capture contact information like name, email, and phone number before or after your quiz as well as capture leads through a web form or let your quiz takers submit their name and email through their Facebook login.
  • Integration: Easily integrate your quizzes or assessments with your favorite email software, allowing you to build automated email campaigns that drop the whole content to every lead captured. Connect your Quizzes with your Favorite autoresponders. How cool is that?

autoresponders Integrations

  • Segmentation: The users can segment their quiz or assessment takers by their results and send them emails tailored to how they answered your quiz or assessment.
  • Product Promotion: Promote the perfect product or services right after your leads receive quiz takers results, making sure you never miss a sales opportunity.
    And more features here:
  • Viral Share – you can share your quiz onto Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Reaching social networks is so easy now.

viral share features

  • Statistics and Meaningful Analytics: With beautiful charts that make your monitoring so much more fun now.

statistic and meaningful analytics

  • Image Quizzes: Make your work easier because now you can use a lot of high-quality images for your quizzes but just by owning this app. Awesome, right?
  • Responsive: Whether it’s on mobile, desktop, or anything in between, QuizFunnels will look great on any screen thanks to its responsive friendly
  • Video Results: Want more than a written quiz outcome? You can also have a video result! Just upload your video to the results page and your users will see it as soon as they opt in to see their performance.
  • Built-in Analytics Dashboard: Easily track how well your quizzes and campaigns are doing with our own Analytics Dashboard
  • Campaign Management: Too busy? Let our leading marketing experts manage and run your quiz campaigns.
  • New Feature in the future that will be added by updating

What do you think about it? I think this will change the way you make a list, save you a lot of time for doing other things because it’s really easy to use.

The Testimonials – Demo Video:

Practical details

Let’s find out more information about this fantastic app
– Price: $36.95
– Where to get this excellent app? Let’s reveal your secret!!!
Quiz Funnels is a one-stop tool for list-building and engaging customers using Quizzes.


Are you looking for a tool to boost your business? In my opinion, this is a must-have tool for everyone who wants to build a big list for maybe money purpose or others. In the traditional way, we usually make our list by offering through the Web, providing the bonus to get customers’ email. Or Furthermore, we run ads campaign on Google Adwords, Bing or some other networks like PTC networks. Now building list on social networks might be new, but I see the potentials of it. And after knowing about this Quiz Maker, I couldn’t wait to share it on my blog. I hope you guys will find my post useful and it can help you make your decision.

Thank you for reading my Quiz Funnels Review!!!